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10 / 27 /03

Q: Dear Annette, I have a concern regarding the Friday Oct. 24 political cartoon lampooning the Field Turf recently installed at Pirate Stadium. I am curious to know why PUSD made the cartoon. Did Freedom High of Oakley which also installed Field Turf this year make your cartoon as well? How about Liberty in Brentwood which will also install the product sometime after this football season, will they be receiving one?

1. I would like to know what was your intent of the cartoon?

2. With what factual information did you base the intent of the cartoon? Vince

A: Dear Vince...there was no mean intent in doing the cartoon on the new field turf at the Stadium. It was just an update on what was happening at the school. I attended and graduated there at Pittsburg High...My late husband played football there on that stadium field, and so did my two sons....I just have a soft spot for the school and have nothing against the Turf Product or the school installing it....I disagree with your word "Lampooning"

7 / 26 / 03

Q: I enjoy looking around your site. My question is how many hours do you spending updating your cartoons and such? The reason I ask is I have a website and I know it can take up a lot of time.

A: Thank You} At this point, everything is still new to me and I am still learning how to manage each page. I work on this site at least 2 hours daily and sometimes more than that...Editorial cartoons are timely illustrations. Local news changes daily.

Q: I just go to your wrestlers page because, I enjoy watching the matches on TV. My question is, how often do you change your pages on wrestling?

A: At least once a week is my goal right now. As long as there is an interest in the pages, I will keep them up with fresh drawings.

updates on Q and A : when letters come in.

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